Thursday 25 September 2014


Have I told you
How good it feels
to be me, just me
when I am with you?

If I close my eyes 
Would I miss you again
Perhaps I would...

Maybe it's an addiction
but you're the drug that 
keeps me going.

Sometimes I feel wasted
I have made so many mistakes
But I keep trying, because of you

Every day there is a storm
raging inside my head
when you are not here.

And I miss you all the more...
All I want is you next to me
It feels so wonderful

I have attained my clarity
And everything is now reality
And yes I'm addicted, to you...


My day is rewarded
commensurate with a great gift
that only you can give me

It's the one that lifts me up
takes me soaring into the skies
it costs you nothing
Your smile and your laugh :)

Yet do you know
it is of immense
value to me?
So much valuable to me...

And I shall reward you
Just not to fly
but the feeling of
soaring high, high into the sky

I will ensure that your
joys will vastly
exceed your desires
and I am not exaggerating

You are my beauty
My sweetie
My honeypot
My sugarpie

I aspire to remain in your heart
You know you might think so
But I never tire of praising
Your amazing beauty, intellect and sexiness

I will keep talking
and boasting of your awesomeness
I will lift, raise your spirits
Till you ask for more :)

Then I will lie at your side
maybe at your feet, my queen
and I will shower you all
delights like you're my new bride

I will fully
and fervently pay full heed
to you, for I have fallen
even more deeply for you

I want to spend all the time
I can get, and all the time
that your highness can spare
at your comfortable bosom.

You know, when we are in
bed together,
your beauty blossoms even more
You become completely free

I have seen you open up like
never before in your life
For I am the man
Who loves and enjoys you baby

Kiss me my sweetest
Hug me tight my darling
Let us make beautiful
passionate love that will shame the Gods

The moment 
is almost
past us

Let us not
let it escape
or lapse

The fiery flame
lit within us
the kiss of passion

Between your
red, hot

This feeling
never felt

This romantic nuance
never known, never shown
until now

Under the moon's radiance
a glance of your pout
as the wind caresses your hair

Let our heads
tilt their unusual 

Let our eyes
in the dark night sky

Let us 
embroil ourselves
in this timeless dance

Before time reboots
before things drift
away from our hearts

Let there be rhythm
of one heart
not two

Euphoric melodies
that can't be sung
by anyone other than us

These words 
are not mere lyrics
in a poem

They can be fathomed 
by only you
for it's that tune

That will never cease playing
In my heart
When I'm with you.

The above Poems © Karthik Narayan (Chennai, India)


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