Friday 3 October 2014


Somebody has done an audio rendition of my poem Reflection

You can listen to it here :

If the above Link doesn't work, you can scroll down this Page and try the audio box where it says "listen to this poem"

I've also added the Link to this Poetry Page.

I also wanted to mention in this Blog that some of my friends have reported a slight problem with my News Feeds of G+ Posts.

Hope you are also not experiencing the same. Here's how to resolve it.

When you click this Link of my G+ RSS

It will show you all the News Feeds of my G+ Posts

But if you happen to see some Grubby HTML ;-) Don't worry.

Just Refresh the Page (press F5) and all the news will be there in the right order.

Hope this helps :-)

Have a Happy Dussehra.

L and R,

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